LG DN191H Upconverting DVD/DivX Player Hands-On


I know I preach over & over again how your HTPC can be used as your one-stop upconverter, but figured this was worth a news posting for those sans-HTPC, since it does only cost $80, not a bad deal.  

On our test 46-inch DLP set, the upconverted DVDs looked noticeably
better than standard DVDs, as you'd expect. However, even though
there's 1 optical digital out and 1 coaxial digital out for audio,
there's only Dolby Digital and DTS 2-channel audio supported—even if
you've got a DVD with 5.1 channels. This is a thrifty set after all. As
for video, there's HDMI and component, as well as composite for older



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