Samsung Drops Blu-ray Player Price

Here I thought the format wars would remain somewhat quiet this week until CES started up. Welp, I was wrong. Samsung has now dropped the price of its Blu-ray price to $899. This translates into price slashes from other retailers including a $330 price drop from Amazon. Amazon's price of $570 brings it much closer to to HD DVD and of course cheaper then a TiVo S3 DVR.

From the article:

That now makes the BD-P1000, with discount, the cheapest Blu-ray stand-alone
player on the market, edged out only by Sony's 20GB PlayStation 3 game console,
which includes a Blu-ray drive and currently lists for $500.

Vitally important for the next-gen format wars, Samsung's move also helps to
close the price gap between Blu-ray and HD DVD — at least with such steep online discounts — nearing the $500 list price
for Toshiba's cheapest HD DVD player option, the HD-A1.