Make Way for Logitech’s Harmony 890


Logitech's remotes–heck, all their devices–are so sexy! They make you WANT to spend $150 on a friggin remote control! The 890 not only can control all your A/V Equipment, but also your home automation software! With Activities in place for such device combinations as your TV-and-audio receiver and maybe your cable box if you want to turn it on and […]

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CES: January 10th Part 2


engadget: New TI DLP Light Engine for slim HDTVs The most popular form factor is the flat panel TV so it stands to reason that everyone else would love to loose the thickness and Texas Instruments has a new solution for DLPs that will bring them a few inches closer to flat panel TVs. The new SLIM light engine has […]

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CES: January 10th


c|net: Media new and old merge at CBS One of those people is Sling Media CEO Blake Krikorian, creator of the Slingbox place-shifting technology, who joined the CBS president onstage to unveil Sling's latest technology, called "Clip + Sling." It allows users to clip content from live or recorded TV and share it with anyone, including non-Slingbox owners. The clip […]

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