Top 10 List of Drool Worthy Products Unveiled at CES/Macworld 2007

I wouldn't mind seeing more of these types of lists. If any members were at CES, let us know what you saw that you like. Mine's gotta probably be the Sideshow remotes, if only because they're most likely the only items to be affordable enough for me to own at some point. Man I wish I could have gone!

  1. HP MediaSmart Server featuring Windows Home Server
  2. HP TouchSmart PC
  3. Apple iPhone
  4. LG Dual Format Blu-ray/HD DVD player & PC Drive
  5. Lifeware 2.0 with Vista Intergration
  6. Philips Wireless HDMI Adapter
  7. Sling Media SlingCatcher
  8. Network AQUOS HDTV
  9. NETGEAR EVA8000 Digital Entertainer HD OR D-Link DSM-750 MediaLounge
  10. Niveus Ranier with Dual CableCARD Receiver Box

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