Silverstone LC09 mini-ITX Case Review


I gotta be honest, I'm surprised to see another remake of this style of case from Silverstone. I remember the first LC05, and while it was a cool design, I don't remember seeing much buzz around it, nor anyone using it. Well, nonetheless, they've made some nice improvements to it & marked it with the cool name, LC09….just rolls off the tongue, eh?! 😛

This case is superb in some ways but a few things could have been improved, my only real gripe was cable management and I felt It could have been slightly better, don’t get me wrong though as the case is perfect for the job it is intended for, I would of liked to have seen slightly longer cables for the power board so that they could be managed a bit better. Or with the recent appearance of some mini ITX motherboards with a PCI-E graphics slot more room inside this case to make use of that. 



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