Paradigm Announces v.5 Monitor Series Loudspeakers

I have heard a lot of great things about Paradigm speakers, although of not had the luxury of owning a pair…. yet… As soon as the CFO of our house allows me too, I intend to investigate Paradigm's new line a bit further. 11 speakers ranging from 249 dollars to 1199 make up the line. Click on through the article for more details.

From the article:

Monitor Series v.5 replaces Performance Series v.4 and Monitor Series v.4;
the model names Atom and Titan, however, will remain in the new series. Eleven
speakers comprise the entire series lineup.


  • $249/pair to $1,199/pair
  • 11 speakers comprise Monitor v.5 Series
  • H-PTD high-efficiency pure-titanium domes with redesigned tweeter WaveGuide
  • Carbon-infused bass cones control the lower bass frequencies
  • Redesigned die-cast or grip glass-reinforced injection-molded polymer
    chassis (varies by model)