Two Big-Screen Multimedia Notebooks with HD-DVD Players


I know typically I haven't posted any notebook reviews, but these are deserving I think, as they are Media Centers which also include HD-DVD players. Nice feature of HP's is the built-in IR sensor, versus the Qosmio which has an external box, which really is just annoying if you have to travel a lot with it.

Our primary objective in conducting this dual review what to get a
sense of what difference the HD-DVD unit makes for movie playback, and
what kinds of special considerations might be involved in making the
most of this hardware. As with this summer's roundup of big-screen MCE
notebooks, we conducted our standard battery of notebook benchmarks,
along with the Intel Digital Home Capabilities Assessment Tool (DHCAT).
Of course, we also include information based on our experience in
working with the HD-DVD players in these two units for playback on
their built-in displays, as well as on a couple of different HDTV
displays (only one of which could handle 1080 resolution, either
interleaved or progressive scan).



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