Helios X3000 HD Wi-Fi Media Streamer and DVD Player Review


Anyone else surprised to see YAENMCE (Yet Another Extender Not for MCE, c'mon, sheesh)?? I'm not, but seriously, how much would it really cost Microsoft to convince a small company like Helios to design for MCE instead of create their own software. I don't like the UI, but the features seem to be there.

You can access your media stored on one or more servers in your network, you can browse the web, watch internet TV and play DVDs upscaled to 1080p. The X3000 is a very straight forward device and was simple to get up and running. You can either hook it up via Ethernet Cable or Wi-Fi to your network. With the bundled HDMI or RCA audio video cables you can connect your TV. You have the choice to connect via HDMI, S-Video, Component and Composite video and HDMI for video output. For sound you can either use coaxial, optical digital audio, surround sound speakers, or stereo audio.



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