The Media Center Show #92 – & Extra: CES Part 3

This guy's a machine. Coming straight outta England, here's Ian Dixon's latest Media Center Show Podcast. As if you hadn't heard enough about CES, Ian finishes up his CES podcasts with the following:

Show Times:
00:36 Coming up this week
01:21 Email – How to fix up your tags – Album Art fixer
02:44 Email – GPRocks.Net
04:02 List of TV Cards that work well or not so well with XP and Vista
05:20 The Media Center Show Extra CES Part 1, 2, and 3 , leave suggestion here
05:45 Vidabox Cablecard
06:07 A Message from Onevoice
07:02 A Chat with Steven Cheung from Vidabox
10:00 HD-DVD and upscaling
10:50 Christoph Buenger author of mceWeather
14:29 Ted Singh from Embedded Automation
15:00 mCentral
18:00 Vista version of mControl
21:40 Jonathan Sass from Simplifi Digital
22:20 AV Expander card
24:00 Media Center amplifier
25:57 Ted Singh returns to talk about the Digital Home contest
29:11 Visit the community site
29:28 Music by Ian Dixon

Listen to the show here


AND OF COURSE…don't forget the The Media Center Show Extra #8 – CES Part 3:

This week
on the Extra show I continue my CES coverage. First is a look at the
Gyration Remote Control that was on show at CES which is a great motion
controlled remote control, it was the first chance I had to play with
one and I must say I am impressed.
Then Ted Singh from Embedded Automation
showed me around his booth at the show, including a demo of the Vista
version of mControl, the home automation software for Windows Media