Velodyne Review DD-18 Subwoofer System


Weighing in at a little over 120 lbs and sporting a price tag of just under $5,000, you certainly expect pretty good sound from a sub-woofer in this price range. It is the first time, granted I don't look at a lot of expensive subs, that I have seen an on screen display for setting up your sub. Certainly it is a good thing to include the proper setup materials as Velodyne does with their subs.

From the article:

The DD–18 is a big sub that delivers truly big sub sound. It does so with a driver packed with performance-enhancing features, as well as a sophisticated digital drive control system that works to not only keep the driver performing at its best but also ensuring the sub integrates flawlessly with the rest of your system and the acoustics of your listening space. The on-screen display system, handheld remote and calibrated mic ensure you can get your sub up & running and optimally tuned in no time at all. If you absolutely require authentic LF extension, loads of clean power, and the right mix of advanced features to deliver a level of performance that is in a class of its own – all in a beautifully finished cabinet…