Where Does the Media Center PC (or HTPC) Belong?

We've had some rumblings in the forums after the last post regarding replacing your STB (Set top box) with an Xbox360, and whether it'll happen or not. Chris Lanier posts some thoughts as to Media Centers in general, and where they're really intended. With Extenders growing, is there really a need to have the full blown system close to your TV? Feel free to discuss in our forums.

As I’ve said in the past a major advantage of Media Center
PC’s + Media Center Extenders is that it can fit into just about everyone’s
setup.  You can take your standard PC in
your Home Office and connect Media Center Extenders in the rest of your
home.  You can take the Media Center PC
(HTPC) that is designed to hit in with the rest of your components and put it
in your Living Room, and then you can connect Media Center Extenders in the
other rooms of your home.

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