Dynaudio Focus Loudspeaker Review


Secrets has a great looking set of speakers up for review today. Outfitting your home theater with these speakers would be around $6k, which is pretty reasonable for a dedicated home theater system. Although, thats a lot of movie tickets ;). Its hard to get a feeling for a set of speakers by reading a review. You really don't know if the speaker setup will fill the room lik eyou had hoped.

From the article

Another thing I experienced in Demark is "hygge", a central element of Danish culture. Hygge doesn't have a direct translation in English, but many people like to use "coziness" as the closest English word. It is more than that though, hygge is about achieving perfection in the pleasures of life with friends and family, but in an effortless and simple way. Every Copenhagen café I went to was trying to make my evening a hygge night, and that was not a bad thing, since they were all about creating an intimate, comfortable, and very enjoyable experience. Hygge is a broad ranging concept, and for the Danes, many things can be described with the adjective for hygge, "hyggelig".