Toshiba Readies Millions of HD DVD Players

If I had to guess, and frankly I often do, 2007 will likely be the year that decides which format wins. I would rather declare that in January a winner will be decided so we can get on with this whole mess. Until then, the war wages on. With the Blu-ray war machine chuggin on, HD DVD looks to counter act some of their effort with 1.8 million players and help from its partners such as Microsoft.

From the article:

"Demand well outpaced the supply we could produce last year," said Amir Majidimehr, corporate vice president of the Consumer Media Technology Group at Microsoft.

Toshiba also announced new improvements to HD DVD technology that will greatly increase its storage capacity. The company said it developed a triple-layer HD DVD-ROM (read only memory) disc that can hold 51G bytes of data on a single-sided disc, a huge advance over current discs. Toshiba was able to increase the capacity by enabling each of three layers on a disc to store 17G bytes of data. The vendor aims to gain approval for the new disc by the DVD Forum this year.