EchoView Wireless Video Adapter

This wireless video adapter would be an interesting way to get computer video on your TV. However, as well all know, there are no guarantees in the wireless world. Never expect a wireless product to work, there are just too many scenarios to know for sure.
The product itself looks to be very easy to use and install, with the claim being that one can install it in seconds.

From the article:

CD-less Driver Download and Installation – Unlike any product in the market, EchoView allows first time installation to be completed in just seconds. When powered on, the unit will show up as an available wireless network connection on the computer's network setting. User simply clicks on the connection to initiate communication to the adapter. Upon user's confirmation, the software driver will then be automatically downloaded and installed to the computer via the wireless network. To send video to the unit and the projector, the user simply launch the driver application by double clicking on the driver icon. There's no need to set up IP address, DHCP settings…