Logitech Harmony 720 Universal Remote


The Harmon 720 falls below the 880 in the Harmony heirarchy. The 720 still gets you the same activity based functions as all harmony remotes but they layout is different. The remote isn't the nice peanut shape that is on the higher end remotes but should still get the job done.

From the article:

I have spent a good deal of time with the Harmony 720 lately and am very pleased with its performance and presentation in all aspects. Simple and easy to understand commands make programming the unit a breeze. For those users who require more complex commands, you have the ability to adjust even the smallest factors such as delay time between macro commands. Logitech has an extensive database that should cover most any brand and model of equipment that you may own. The Harmony 720 can accommodate up to 12 different devices (far more than the average user would have).