The Micro-PCs: How Useful Are They?

The almighty [H]ardocp as an interesting editorial up on the state of Micro-PCs. This is something I have been following closely as I think a micro-pc could find a very useful spot in a home theater/digital home setup. Check out their editorial and see what you think.

From the article:

My first hands-on impression of these computers was that they are, indeed, astoundingly small. For example, the above-mentioned Sony is 5.91”(W) x 3.74”(H) x 1.27-1.50”(D). And, yet, it’s not quite small enough to fit in my pocket. In particular, it is too thick for most people’s jean pockets – even if the jeans are on the baggy side. So the only ways to carry this new, compact technology are to keep it in hand or stowed in a briefcase. Or you can shell out even more cash for a custom carrying case.


In basketball, a player is sometimes labeled as a “tweener,” which means they are too big to play as a guard, but too small to play as a forward. Similarly, these new tiny PCs are difficult to classify: too large to carry like a handheld, but not powerful enough to replace a normal laptop. By trying to merge these two concepts, the tiny PCs are hoping to forge their own place in the landscape.