Indigo Home Automation (MAC Home Automation)


Home Automation is still in its infancy, but it will no doubt get a lot more interest in the neat future. Of course, we can't leave out the Mac in this revolution. Enter Indigo, a home automation application for the Mac lover in your life. It looks like your typical HA package, it supports remote control from other Macs, PCs (via a web server), PDAs, and mobile phones. However, Z-Wave lovers need not apply; this app only supports Insteon and X-10.

Product Page:

How does it work (what is INSTEON and X10)?

Indigo communicates with both INSTEON and X10 compatible devices, such as light switch modules, sprinkler controllers, and appliance modules, to both control your home and get the status of devices in your home (motion detectors, light status, etc.). INSTEON and X10 compatible devices use your existing home wiring to communicate. You do not have to run any new wires!

To communicate to INSTEON / X10 compatible devices Indigo interfaces with the PowerLinc (2414U, 1132U/CU), ActiveHome Pro (CM15A), or if you have a USB to serial adapter, either the CM11/HD11, LynX-PLC serial computer interfaces.

The different computer interfaces (PowerLinc and others) have different capabilities. This feature comparison matrix can help you decide which computer interface is right for your needs.

Our hardware overview page has details on the different types of devices compatible with Indigo, like: switch modules, lamp modules, appliance modules, motion detectors, and remote controls.