Vidabox offer CableCard as well as Blu-ray and HD DVD

GARDEN CITY, NY – January 23rd –
VidaBox, a manufacturer of premium media center systems, is delighted
to announce that it will be offering a new CableCARD option to its line
of media center products.  With dual internal digital cable receivers,
VidaBox CableCARD systems will not only feature integrated tuning for
premium high definition digital content, but users can also add
Blu-ray, HD DVD, and more than 3TB of RAID-5 protected storage.

"We're thrilled to be the only manufacturer to offer the
latest in high definition – CableCARD, Blu-ray, and HD DVD – all in one
box," said Steven Cheung, a co-founder of VidaBox.  "Integrated dual
CableCARD systems are one step closer to having a true 'one box'
entertainment solution.  Anyone can obtain a CableCARD from their cable
television provider, insert it into their VidaBox, then start watching
and recording dozens of premium HD digital channels (HBO, Showtime,
Cinemax, ESPN, Discovery, etc.)  All of our users can now experience up
to 1080p playback, whether it be from their TV provider or a high-def
video disc." 

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