The 5 A/V Products You Need for the Big Game

A little known fact: Electronic store sales BOOM during the weeks leading up to the SUPER BOWL. I can't tell you how many people would come into my store back in the day & buy a big screen only to return it the week after. Well, here's a guide for the items you'll be getting for an ideal Super Bowl, but be warned….once you have these in your home, it's awful tough to let go of them.

Widescreen Television: Whether you go with a flat panel or a microdisplay, make sure you choose a widescreen television (also known as ”16:9”).
Old-school televisions with 4:3 aspect ratios only focus on the
immediate action (usually the offensive line and the quarterback), but
with a widescreen TV you’ll see way back into the defensive secondary.
It’s a great way to watch a play develop.

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