Ultimate AV’s 2006 Top Ten Product of the Year Awards

We have seen more then a few "Best Of" or "Awards" type articles this year, so what is worng with a few more? It is always interesting to see other people's take about what they consider the best of the best. All in all, I think they have pretty good choices, however, I think they awards should be based on budget as well.

From the article:

Sony VPL-VW50 "Pearl" Video Projector ($5,000)
Another no-brainer here. While prices have been coming down for some time, doing front projection right has remained a very expensive proposition. The Pearl isn't exactly cheap, but it's clearly in the price range of premium RPTVs and plasmas, and offers much better performance and a big screen impact that is the sole province of the front projector. The Pearl not only expands the front projector market as a whole, it completely redefines the performance expectations of any projector sitting anywhere near its price. A marvel, and more than being our Best Value of 2006, the Pearl is a cause for celebration!