SideShow @ CES: Universal Remotes, Speakers, Bags, Phones, Companions


For all the Vista is not, there is a lot of other things that are going for it. A very prime example is the upcoming Sideshow enabled devices. I am pretty sure this means that the Bearded Lady will be available at your nearest Best Buy.  Devices ranging from MCE remotes to speakers with LCDs containing song information are a couple of the cool things Sideshow enabled devices can do.

I have had more then one or two requests for reviewing Sideshow remotes, so we will do our best to bring some in.

From the article:

As indicated previously, Microsoft has worked out the licensing agreements with its EPG provider Tribune Media Services, allowing users to access, record and do other EPG-related things through the SideShow displays.

As far as I could tell, only Lagotek showed a home automation gadget for SideShow, as demonstrated on an SMK remote.