What is the difference between a HDTV and a monitor?

Ever wondered what makes and HDTV and what makes a monitor? Well EngadgetHD has such the answer for you today. The even have a fancy graphic with all of the resolutions since the caveman era. I am not to sure what else to say on this one, except for you to go read the article:)

From the article:

If you made it this far your doing pretty good, because now is when things get interesting. Almost all fixed pixel HDTVs have scallers in them, which allows them to support multiple input resolutions so in addition to the normal HDTV or native resolutions they also support many computer resolutions, but unlike computer monitors they are 16:9 and as mentioned earlier they include a tuner. What is also becoming more common is for computer monitors to include component inputs (normally only on HDTVs) and support standard HDTV input resolutions, like the new Dell widescreen displays. Lucky for most you don't have to understand this to enjoy the latest displays, but If all you really wanted to know is how to connect your computer to your HDTV check out our how to.