Elements of a Whole-Home Audio System

If you are looking to get started on a whole house content distribution system, EH has a good article covering the basics. Its hard to decide which route to take. I would be inclined to distribute content with a server and have independent players for each room. EH's is a centralized storage and players and running the A/V wires to each room. Do you have your system done? If so.. How is it done?

From the article:

Once you have audio piped into all the rooms in your home, you need a way to control the source. While some
systems allow only volume control from the source, many distributed audio systems offer volume control in each room near the speakers they will control. Control pads allow you to adjust the volume independently from other rooms in the house, so you can crank the music in the living room while someone enjoys soft music in the den.  If you are running more than one pair of speakers from the same amplifier speaker outputs, you will want an amplified volume controller with impedance matching to compensate for the impedance drop and loss of signal strength that occurs when you use multiple sets of speakers in parallel.