Dolby To Change TV Volume For You

Dolby, the maker of many formats, is making a run at your TV. Their newest technology aims to keep the volume consistent when going from different inputs or even from a commercial to the show. There are other technologies out there that does this, but can introduce distortion and popping to the sound. I am sure this has the potential of being implmented wrong. I think a lot of people will want some sort of bypass mode for certain poerations.

From the article:

Dolby expects to begin deliveries of Dolby Volume code to integrated circuit manufacturers in the first quarter. For now, the company is targeting TV manufacturers, not makers of A/V receivers and preamp/processors. “Dolby Volume is a powerful technology that can be used for a variety of applications,” a spokesman said. “At the moment, Dolby is focused on delivering Dolby Volume to the television manufacturers who will implement the technology in TV sets." Presumably for Dolby, the TV market is where the perceived volume is.