Sony Announces The XL3

Although most of our CES coverage, including this article, will be in our daily summary, I thought this was worth special mention. After all of these years the technology has finally arrived to allow the Media Center to replace every stand alone box in your Home Theater (minus the receiver of course). The XL3 can replace a HD TiVo, high def DVD player (Blu-ray), DVD recorder, ATSC tuner, NTSC tuner, digital cable box, IPTV box, and of course every function of a desktop PC. Of course, it doesn't come cheap. $3300 gets you the above mentioned plus a 500GB HD, 2GB ram, 76000GTL GPU, and a Core2 processor.

Press Release.

A built-in NTSC and an ATSC television tuner, in addition to a unidirectional digital CableCARD™,
allows the VAIO® XL3 Digital Living System to replace an HD digital
video recorder so you can watch and record TV without the need for a
separate set-top box.The unit’s high-storage capacity allows you to burn entire seasons of your favorite television programs to its hard drive and play them back in high-definition. A wireless remote and keyboard let you browse the Web– all from the comfort of your sofa.


the size of a traditional stereo receiver, the XL3 model features a
stylish, horizontal form factor engineered to fit into a home
entertainment rack. The unit connects to a television via an HDMI ™
cable to output high-definition video and multi-channel digital audio
in a single connection.