Linux Image Quality Comparison

There are at least a couple of Myth users among us, so I thought I would post up this Nvidia/ATI image quality comparison from Phoronix. They take a look at a couple of DVDs and game tests to see who comes out the victor. It appears that both cards perform very closely to each other with Nvidia eaking out a small victory. However, if frame rates in games are what you are concerned about, Nvidia is still the way to go.

From the article:

Like the previous scene there remained minimal differences between the NVIDIA and ATI image quality. So is there anything that can be gathered as a whole from these tests? Granted image quality comparisons can be subjective, but in the video playback tests we felt that NVIDIA more often than not had the advantage with more realistic colors and greater details. However, in the low-light environments the ATI fglrx drivers had provided greater detail and brightness. In the Quake 4 tests, the NVIDIA and ATI visuals were nearly identical to the human eye. Once ATI introduces the R600 series shortly we will follow up with a greater number of image quality tests to compare ATI's and NVIDIA's finest under Linux.