Okoro Media Systems Unleashes Quad Core GX300 Digital Entertainment System

Okoro Media Systems, manufacturer of digital
entertainment systems for the high end audio video market, is pleased
to announce the availability of the new GX300 for 2007. The new GX300
is based on the Intel® Core™2 Extreme Quad core and Nvidia 8800 GTX
technology. This model will deliver unprecedented 3-D gaming
performance and will provide better performance for intense multimedia
applications, streaming movies, and music

“Our customers continue to hunger for a system that can provide the
greatest performance when they are playing the latest video games on
their HDTV while recording and streaming multimedia content. With Quad
Core technology and the NVIDIA 8800GTX video card, the GX300 will
continue to be one of the fastest media centers available,” said
Christopher Curry, VP of Sales & Operations.

The 2007 OMS-GX300 now ships with Windows Vista Ultimate Edition and comes with the following specifications:

  • Intel Core™2 Extreme QX6700 Kentsfield Quad Core Processor
  • 2 Gigabytes of high-speed Kingston HyperX memory
  • NVIDIA 8800GTX HDCP video card
  • 1 Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes) of storage
  • Two Dual-Layer DVD burners
  • 7 inch Touch screen display
  • DTS Connect and Dolby Digital Live Technology
  • Windows Vista Ultimate or other Operating System Packages available

The GX300 is currently available for purchase at www.okoromedia.com/model.asp?model=GX300

For more information please visit www.okoromedia.com.