Blu-Ray Media Center Available From Cannon PC

"Customers are very anxious for HD movie content. With Blu-Ray drives
available now and HD DVD drives becoming available very soon, we wanted
to incorporate this technology into our media centers for our customers
to give them more of a choice in hi def content play back ability."
said Mr. Cannon.

"This is the amazing benefit of a PC based Media Server solution. When
new technology is available you can incorporate it into your existing
product. Customers don't have to throw away their complete system just
to take advantage of technology improvements." said Mr. Cannon "In the
past when a new video or audio technology came to market it meant that
your current equipment was probably obsolete and there was no way to
upgrade it. With Media Center PC that is no longer the case."

"Currently Blu-Ray and HD DVD are not directly supported within the
Windows OS. You are required to have a third party application to play
HD DVD or Blu-Ray movies. We use CyberLink's PowerDVD for HD DVD and
Blu-Ray software player to accomplish this task. We have added a button
to the Media Center interface that makes it easy for the customer to
launch the application and play their Blu-Ray movie easily from within
the Media Center interface. Because this new video technology requires
HDCP compliant devices, all Cannon PC Media Centers use video cards
that are HDCP compliant to ensure unrestricted playback and
compatibility for the future." said Cannon. As for plans to offer HD
DVD, Mr. Cannon said "We have plans to release Media Centers with HD
DVD in the very near future."

If you are looking for other great Media Center PCs and technology you
will find it at Cannon PC. The typical configuration contains an Intel
975XBX2 motherboard, Intel Core 2 processor, Seagate SATA II NCQ hard
drives (configurable in RAID 0, 1, 5, 1+0), 1 to 2 GB high speed RAM
(expandable to 8 GB), NVIDIA 7600 series GeForce HDCP video card, 8
channel high definition digital audio, 12-in-1 media card reader, 1
HDTV tuner, 2 NVIDIA Dual TV tuners, gigabit Ethernet, 8 USB ports, 2
Fire Wire ports, wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. Because each
system is completely customizable online, the customer can choose to
add more memory, hard drives, or increase the size of the processor for
more power and storage.

All Cannon Media Center PCs are designed to be very cool and quiet by
utilizing high volume very low noise fans and strategically position
vents on the case to ensure proper airflow. The LX, EX and RX series
Media Centers are rack mountable and will fit nicely into a standard
A/V or network rack. Each system is available in your choice of silver
or black.

Cannon PCs line of Media Centers is completely customizable and is
available in AMD and Intel platforms. To learn more Cannon PC Media
Centers and Media Center accessories or to become an authorized dealer,
visit them online at

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