Open Media Library 0.4 Beta is now available


Open Media Library is showing what a bunch of smart people getting together for an open-source application can do. This is one ridiculously feature filled release and offers a ton of improvements and new features, including TV show information support which is high on a lot of people’s lists. Check out the whopping 16mb PDF for installation and all sorts […]

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Verizon Launches Trial of FiOS TV Online, Extending Multi-Screen Leadership

Verizon continues onward with their feature-loaded FiOS television package, and shortly after announcing the features has already begun the trial of said services. Quite a lot mentioned in their press release, will be interesting to see this in action–if only I could get it! EngadgetHD In addition, V CAST Video from Verizon Wireless brings more than 100 full-length TV series […]

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Thursday Podcast Roundup

Another week and another great selection of podcasts to help you pass the time. Everything from HD content to Media Centers. I’m very interested to hear Ian’s interview with S1Digital given their recent announcement yesterday and what exactly it all means.   TheDigitalLifestyle This week Paul Heitlinger from S1Digital talks about their new range of products including a Windows Home […]

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Hulu, ITV may form U.K. partnership

This is very much a rumor, but it makes sense given Microsoft’s recent MSN Video announcement in the UK. Here Hulu is apparantly in the works with several content providers to begin distributing shows over seas. Would be interesting to see if they offer the same content. Variety There is fresh speculation in Blighty that a deal giving U.K. commercial […]

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Rev3 Gets A Revision on Boxee


Boxee has had a bunch of new content announcements this week, but none have me as excited as this one. The Revision3 interface (home of Diggnation, System and lots more) has been rather outdated for a while, so it’s very refreshing to see an update finally, and one that includes my new favorite show HD Nation!   Boxee Blog The […]

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Understanding Codecs: Part 1-h.264

Codecs are the most exciting yet most terrifying aspect of home theater PC’s. Nothing else can do so much yet cause so many problems at the same time. There’s a lot of confusion out there on what codecs are and what is needed, which is what spurred our very own Andy to write the Antipack guide hoping to prevent your […]

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Comcast DVR Web Scheduling Nears Launch?


Now here’s a frustrating situation–years ago, us Media Center folks enjoyed life with remote web DVR scheduling via Webguide or Remote Record well before any cable or satellite providers even thought about it. Fast forward to today and now several providers offer it, while Webguide has been absorbed by Microsoft and Remote Record has been killed off. FWIW I believe […]

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