Hitachi pack new HDTVs with 500GB hard-drive


There sure has been a lot of news out of Japan on HDTV’s coming with players and hard drives in them, so I’m curious to see how these develop and if they make it over to the states. I can see the benefit moreso for downloadable content than necessarily DVR recording, but still having the option is nice.   SlashGear […]

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Tutorial: How to Convert from BeyondTV to SageTV

Brent over at GeekTonic has a fabulous guide to switching from BeyondTV to SageTV. Changing HTPC programs is always difficult as you have probably spent countless hours tweaking, configuring and setting everything up to your liking, so these steps should help if this is a migration you have been interested in. GeekTonic Run SageTV as-is for a short while to […]

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8 Dos and Don’ts of Lighting Control

One of the coolest things in a dedicated home theater is when the owner pushes a button and the lighting dims, the curtains are drawn and the movie begins. I’m still waiting to own my own place to really have some fun with my own lighting, as there’s no way I would pay to have the fun (ha!). Here are […]

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Iogear announces Avior AV solutions line


IOgear is tossing their hat into the very lucrative A/V Home Theater accessories product category, with a variety of products. I don’t see anything to directly compete with Monster’s directly but there are some nice items here that could be of some use (assuming they work).   SlashGear The new line of gear is called the Avior series and includes […]

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Set-Top Box Shipments Grow

Just goes to show you the cable companies are doing just fine even in this economy. Really helps when you have a monopoly, but it’s good to see hopefully this means an improvement in set top boxes being rolled out. Maybe the guide won’t take 10 minutes to scroll through now. Home Media Mag Sales of set-top boxes used for […]

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My Movies 3.0 Screenshots and release date


Arguably the most popular Media Center plugin since the beginning, MyMovies has been pretty quiet on the frontend part for a while, but still being an invaluable database manager for your movie collections. After much begging and pleading from it users, MyMovies will be releasing a new version very soon (Tuesday) for you to play with and enjoy. Here are […]

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