Samsung exhibits 400/480 Hz LCD-TV in September


I’m not sure I would hold off on my next TV purchase for this technology, but interesting to see them continue to go insane with the Hz ratings. We’ve discussed the various benefits of 240Hz over 120Hz, so this will just throw one more wrench into the mix.   FlatPanelsHD The upcoming Samsung 400 Hz (or 480 Hz in the […]

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Luxa2 LM100 Mini: m-ITX HTPC Case


Recently I’ve been pretty harsh on the rather blah looking HTPC mini-ITX cases which have been released recently. I felt they were pretty basic in design and lacked any creativity. Thermaltake is upping the game through their Luxa line of chassis, and this one looks pretty attractive. Of course if big bright VFD’s aren’t your thing, then you’ll probably hate […]

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Logitech SqueezeBox with Windows Home Server

MSWHS found this handy little article written on connecting your Logitech Squeezebox to your Windows Home Server system. Presumably a lot of these steps are good practice, so they could work even if you have a different player. Simple but effective if you’re having difficulties. Scott Miller The main problem was that while streaming music I would get intermittent stops […]

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Onkyo Debuts 3 Networked, Multi-task AV Receivers

Interesting announcement of upcoming products from Onkyo. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of every CE device including all these various tie-ins to online content providers. I think in the end all the devices might support everything and then allow the consumer to choose the best. But seriously, who buying one of these receivers wouldn’t be able to afford […]

Read more & UNICEF come to Boxee


Some unconventional but very interesting plugin additions to the Boxee video streaming options to pass the time. I was unaware of both before this announcement, so at least it’s good exposure for some other video sites. Boxee Blog curates high quality videos about the people, issues, and ideas changing the world. They gather the web’s largest collection of unmediated […]

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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid with your HTPC Build


Remember the feeling you had when you would pack for a nice long vacation, only to arrive at the hotel and realize you forgot your toothbrush? That feeling can be 100 times as bad when it comes to building out a Home Theater PC (HTPC) where components cost a lot more than $3, not to mention the effort involved with […]

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August 25th Blu-ray Releases

Kind of a slow week for Blu-ray releases this week. Some good oldies being released on Blu-ray such as the classic thriller movie Children of the Corn, or your girlfriend’s favorite How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The sleeper of the pack is Sunshine Cleaning, an entertaingly quirky film about 2 sisters who end up being crime scene […]

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Add-In Review: Recorded TV Manager Part 2

Part 2 of the WeGotServed review of the Recorded TV Manager add-in, and see how it directly compares to the offerings in power pack 3. Some of it is redundant, but there are enough differences to make this free offering quite useful to many people. We Got Served Once you have installed and configured the various Recorded TV Manager components, […]

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Blu-ray File Container Filesize Comparison

Not exactly what I’d expect from the WHS community, but a fantastic post that crosses topics here, as Damian covers some various containers and compares the filesize of each for your convenience. MKV is probably the most popular container out there right now, so he pits it against m2ts and ts. MediaSmartServer So my test results confirm my readings online, […]

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Apple TV to get an upgrade – Maybe, Maybe Not

It’s always interesting to see random articles that appear. This time up is this report from a research analyst in regards to improvements he forsees with the AppleTV, something which hasn’t been changed, improved or evolved at all in quite a while. If it wasn’t for Boxee, would anyone even be using this thing still? It’s so drastically underpowered and […]

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