Marantz $6K UD9004 Blu-ray player now shipping


Some nice specs (not surprising) at a not so affordable price…but then again Marantz has never been known for its budget systems.  EngadgetHD For a cool six grand, give or take, the all in one CD, SACD, DVD Audi and Blu-ray playing beast can be yours, complete with internal HD audio decoding, Silicon Optix Realta chipset, 7.1 analog outputs and […]

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Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB SATA Hard Drive

It’s unclear if this drive is better than the 2 terabyte offering from Western Digital which has received rave reviews, but it’s good to see Seagate competing on both the size and low power field of drives. Choose for yourself which is right for your setup, I don’t think either is a wrong choice. Big Bruin Taking a closer look […]

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