98.9% Of American Homes Able To Receive DTV

Guess those millions of dollars spent educating consumers on the DTV switch was worthwhile…everyone breathe a sigh of relief as only 1.1% of households are not able to see the new wonderful thing called television! Nielsen The Nielsen Company reported today that 98.9 percent of U.S. homes are able to receive digital television signals, a gain of 229,000 homes in […]

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Windows Phone mobile OS demonstrated


This isn’t directly HTPC or home theater related, but I couldn’t help but noticing the similarities to the Zune interface with some blue-ish media center colors. Maybe this is the evolution of the portable MCE and the Zune where everything will be merged…something like an iPhone? Not even calling it Windows Mobile anymore but Windows Phone–guess it was confusing people. […]

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Onkyo ND-S1 iPod AV Adapter


An interesting little device for those of you with iPods, but very interesting why they would not include support for iPhones. Not a bad way to get your iPod content across to your entertainment center and fairly slick.    Engadget Obviously designed with the home entertainment crowd in mind, this guy features optical / coax digital output, composite a/v outs, […]

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HP launches 2709m 27″ 16:9 display


HP has been relatively quiet (as far as I’ve noticed) in the displays world for home theaters since they killed off their mix extender+tv combos, but it looks like they’re coming back. Will be interesting to see how this matches up with the competition, but you could do much worse than a 1080p 27" LCD for only $500.   Electronista […]

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Windows 7 Upgrading RC to RTM success?

I’m sure there’s a LOT of you RC users out there (ahem….*cough*) who will be happy to hear this news from a user over at TheGreenButton.com who points out that he was able to successfully complete an upgrade from RC to the RTM with no noticeable damage. I have to say though, if you can…PLEASE just save the hassle and […]

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6-Screen Video Wall Caters to Sports Lovers


I don’t think there’s any argument that I’m a die hard sports fan, and having something like this in your house would make football Sunday’s a lot easier to watch than my current method–having 6 DirecTV feeds going through my 15″ laptop screen! Not that absurdly priced either…I am quite curious how the “merge” mode is done, but am guessing […]

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Why Netflix Stinks according to Time

I was brushing this off initially when I read it, but the more I think about it I do understand what the author is saying. The argument shouldn’t just be against Netflix though, but then also against the RedBox as well which also remove the human factor. Trying to remember though, I can’t think of the last time I ever […]

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The HD Advisor Number 23

High Def Digest takes in some reader questions on some high definition types of questions. Their first answer covers the differences between PCM and the lossless compression formats, a topic which I have heard many times since they were released. Since HDMI 1.3 is currently a big pain on the PC, it’s been a difficult time to educate people on […]

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