Why Netflix Stinks according to Time

I was brushing this off initially when I read it, but the more I think about it I do understand what the author is saying. The argument shouldn’t just be against Netflix though, but then also against the RedBox as well which also remove the human factor. Trying to remember though, I can’t think of the last time I ever went to a movie store and had to ask an employee about a movie…do you guys? Do you miss the human interaction at your local video store? Personally, I don’t trust the opinion of some 17 year old at my local blockbuster…but that’s just me.



Beyond the mail delays and the botched orders, the lack of human interaction is the big problem with Netflix and its cyber-ilk. Thanks to the Internet, we can now do nearly everything–working, shopping, moviegoing, social networking, having sex–on one machine at home. We’re becoming a society of shut-ins. We deprive ourselves of exercise, even if it’s just a stroll around the mall, until we’re the shape of those blobby people in WALL•E. And we deny ourselves the random epiphanies of human contact.