6-Screen Video Wall Caters to Sports Lovers


I don’t think there’s any argument that I’m a die hard sports fan, and having something like this in your house would make football Sunday’s a lot easier to watch than my current method–having 6 DirecTV feeds going through my 15″ laptop screen! Not that absurdly priced either…I am quite curious how the “merge” mode is done, but am guessing it’s done with a device of some sort that all the displays plug into, which then goes into the video source of the STB?

Electronic House

Cobb kept the cost of this project in check by paying close attention to the size of the TV bezels and the sophistication of the device that would control the video wall. The Panasonic units chosen for the job each have a 1.5-inch bezel, creating a 3-inch gap between the TVs. The gaps are most prominent when a single image is spread across the entire TV array. The cost: $15,000 for equipment, programming and labor. Had Hi-Tech installed TVs with 1/16th-inch bezels instead, the cost would have skyrocketed to $60,000, Cobb says. For these homeowners, having a more seamless video wall wasn’t worth the extra $45,000 they would have had to spend.