Terminator Themed Home Theater


I have to be honest, I’m posting this theater because I’m not sure how I feel about it. There’s an awful lot of shiny, reflective aluminum for my taste. But that being said, I definitely admire the attention to detail. This Terminator-themed theater called for a futuristic industrial look, which meant that Vivid F/X had to custom design most of […]

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Electronic House Unveils Home of the Year Award Winners

These are some drool inspiring home theaters which EH has awarded out. All of these are well out of my budget, but a man can dream can’t he?!       Ultimately, 43 winning installations were awarded in 15 categories, some of which are showcased throughout the May/June issue of Electronic House magazine. This year the categories included: Best Overall […]

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Hi-Tech Recliners


I never paid much attention to recliners because they always reminded me of my father and grandfather (read:  old folks’ furniture).  However, Berkline has integrated some impressive technology into their line of recliners, which my folks would never find a use for!  I could definitely see myself in one of these chairs, working from home with a laptop, listening to […]

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Hockey-Themed Theater Serves Up Jumbo Fun


I know we have some hockey fans here, so this might be your heaven. I’m a modest hockey fan but I still think this is an awesome theater! Not sure how effective that jumbotron is, but it sure is an eye popper.   Electronic House Make that a lot more creative. Strang suggested hanging a miniature jumbotron from the ceiling. […]

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8 Ways to Hide a TV


I know I’ll probably never make use of any of these, but it’s still fun to admire how innovative some of these are. They all cost a ton, but can you imagine the "oohs" and "aas" they will generate from all your envious neighbors?!   EH Inca offers a couple of different hinged designs in its series of Flat Screen […]

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Sanus DFV49 AV Stand Review


Nice and quick little review on a solid looking stand for your home theater equipment from Sanus. Coming in at just under $500 it’s expensive enough to have to seriously consider my alternatives though.   Audioholics The Sanus DVF49 AV Stand is definitely a very nice piece of AV furniture. While it doesn’t allow the unlimited access or center channel […]

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8 Dos and Don’ts of Lighting Control

One of the coolest things in a dedicated home theater is when the owner pushes a button and the lighting dims, the curtains are drawn and the movie begins. I’m still waiting to own my own place to really have some fun with my own lighting, as there’s no way I would pay to have the fun (ha!). Here are […]

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