Round-up of 50-foot HDMI Cables in Home Theater Environment

Awesome round-up. It’s interesting to note, Monster Cables gets a lot of flack for their ridiculous prices, but at least they win this test. Then again, for an 80% savings the Monoprice is basically AS good. A good read for anyone needing to go super length.

This, the least expensive cable sports the thickest gauge and is the second best cable in this fray. The picture produced by this cord was clear and consistent. Colors were almost perfect. By that we mean that in certain high-speed action scenes the colors seemed very slightly washed out (but barely noticeable). During relatively calm or still scenes there was a slightly noticeable blur/motion of the pixels which can get a bit annoying, especially when viewing the PC desktop…Considering its “non-brand” image and extremely economical price tag we are quite impressed with this cable. What’s more, they have very knowledgeable customer service reps. These guys make, sell and support their own products and they take their business seriously. They back their HDMI cables with a lifetime replacement warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. At 22 AWG this was a thick cable. It is very visible if you run it on the surface or under a carpet, so best to keep it stuffed behind the sheetrock.


  • I’m actually using this 50

    I’m actually using this 50 foot HDMI cable for $49.49 from and it works great! (But I guess I haven’t compared it to others and I’m not sending audio over it as my receiver doesn’t have hdmi ports)

    I buy all my cables from them.  They are out of Wisconsin and I’m in Indiana so I get them much quicker than if if I order from Monoprice.

    • Thanks for the

      Thanks for the reccommendation.  I’m in Illinois, so the next time I need cables I’ll give these guys a try.

  • Hmm…check back in the next

    Hmm…check back in the next week or two to see my 300 foot cable…

  • 300 feet?!?! how much was

    300 feet?!?! how much was that?

    At that length, wouldn’t Cat5>HDMI be a better idea?

  • duh. long day. *slaps head*

    duh. long day. *slaps head* lol

  • I haven’t performed any

    I haven’t performed any comparison testing so I really value the opportunity to read about these tests and other readers inputs as well.

    As a consumer visiting brick and motar stores I’m not very pleased when the only brand availale or overtly featured is the overpriced “big” brand.  My Son worked at a big box store and said cables had the second most mark-up.

    I really appreciated the amplification on “as good” for about half the price with a decent warranty and thirty-day return.  Seems like a “slam dunk” to me.


    • George L. Schmauch Jr.

      If that’s the second highest

      If that’s the second highest markup, what’s the first?  Extended warranties or something else?