Shutting Off Demigrator.exe In Windows Home Server

YES!! I’ve needed this one! Although upgrading to the highest end HP Home Server last year helped a lot, I still will experience random stuttering during playback that I know is caused by demigrator peaking cycles. Here’s an awesome guide from Damian on how to configure this to run when YOU want it to run.

The stuttering would last for approximately 30 seconds and then go away, and occurred anywhere from 1-4 times throughout the movie. I went over to my Windows Home Server, looked through the logs and my drive data, and nothing stood out as causing the issue. I then remembered there was frequent discussion about a process in Windows Home Server called Demigrator.exe, which is responsible for moving data around the pooled drives when duplication is enabled. This process runs hourly and simply doing a web search for “Demigrator” will pull up quite a few posts from WHS users who have noted that streaming HD content while demigrator is running causes playback issues such as stuttering.


  • I can’t wait to get home to

    I can’t wait to get home to set this up. I never understood what was causing this. Over the last few days I’ve been tinkering with getting a better NIC. But I think this makes more sense because I might be the only one on the network at 2am and when watching a BD movie it would stutter like crazy. I would not even be able to pause. Sometimes if I was able to skip back a chapter or rewind a bit and press play I would get a few minutes of normal playback. Or if I pressed stop and restarted TMT and skipped back to where I was it would run for a bit. Eventually it would magically fix itself. The strange thing is my data has been pretty static on the WHS since going all streaming and moving TV recordings to my local HTPC. So what is the demigrator demigrating? 

    I’ll make the changes tonight and follow up. A free change is better than spending 30 bucks on a NIC that may or may not help. 

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    I just set this, but there’s

    I just set this, but there’s a pretty big downside…  WHS Connector is permanently yellow.  This means that you don’t know if there really is a problem or just the demigrator being turned off.