WD’s TV Live Hub media box

Since we can’t review every media player out there listed in our Media Player Comparison Guide, it’s great to see other websites help out and handle some of the work. Here’s the new revision of the WD TV Live Hub, with some nice changes.

In the realm of standalone media players, we’ve been impressed by Western Digital’s TV HD, which brings support for a wide variety of music, video, and image file formats into the living room. However, the device lacks internal storage and networking capabilities, requiring users to plug in drives of their own. In the 18 months since the original TV HD’s release, WD has brought integrated networking to the table with a line of TV Live media players. Most recently, it added a terabyte of internal storage to the mix with the WD TV Live hub, a device that can store, stream, and share content while tapping the Internet to fuel a whole world of additional possibilities.


  • Fairly disappointing review.

    Fairly disappointing review.  I’ve had a WD TV Live Plus for a few weeks and the most interesting feature is PlayTo support and unless I missed it the review didn’t mention it.

    For a non-HTPC household I think DNLA support of some sort is key for media streamers.