Contest #12 – Patriot Box Office


THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED, THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING!   Another week, another awesome set of prizes coming your way! Today’s prize is a fantastic media streamer courtesy of Patriot Memory, the Patriot Box Office HD player. We reviewed this little guy earlier this year and found it to be a very solid and capable player with an MSRP of $99–read below […]

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Control4 Home Automation Review

Prior to my exodus as owner from MissingRemote, I had delved into the Home Automation world. My experiences never got very far but I had some minor improvements. Gizmodo has a $5,000 package from Control4 up for review if you are not in the DIY mode. Control4 is a more entry-level solution to home automation, and they compete mostly with […]

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Veebeam HD – Wireless HDMI From your PC to TV


In the past year, we’ve seen a number of different wireless streaming devices intended to help bridge the gap between the distance between users and the television. Unlike recent products like the Boxee Box and GoogleTV, which are intended to connect directly to your television full-time, wireless USB streaming devices such as the Veebeam HD try a different route opting […]

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Roku Gets Small Update. 1080p!

You will see alot more of these posts as I plan on moving away from my local cable company and move towards Internet based services such us Netflix and Hulu. Random point aside, Roku has a small update for their XR box that will allow 1080p playback. A few other goodies are tucked inside as well. Click on over to […]

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