Blu-ray Releases – December 28, 2010

Absolutely weak selection of movies this week, so bear with me. MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week  Resident Evil: Afterlife   Have to be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of this 4th? 5th? Installment of the Resident Evil series of movies, based off the mega popular video game. To be fair, I actually enjoyed the first few of them, but […]

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What Do You Do With A New HDTV?

Did you get a shiny new TV for Christmas? The HD Guru will take you through a few steps in getting to know  your new friend. Calibrate..Calibrate…Calibrate.. oh and I am sure there are a few other steps in there as well.  Once you have your HD image on the screen, change the user picture controls. (If the set did […]

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GeForce GT 430

NVIDIA was the first to bring 3D Blu-ray (BD) via native HDMI 1.4 to the PC, coupled with HD audio bit stream support in the GTX 460, GTS 450 and GT 430 family of GPUs the home theater PC (HTPC) market has become much more interesting for the enthusiast.  A few weeks back MissingRemote took a look at the GTS […]

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