Terminator Themed Home Theater


I have to be honest, I’m posting this theater because I’m not sure how I feel about it. There’s an awful lot of shiny, reflective aluminum for my taste. But that being said, I definitely admire the attention to detail. This Terminator-themed theater called for a futuristic industrial look, which meant that Vivid F/X had to custom design most of […]

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MissingRemote.com Giveaway #8 – Phantom Lapboard

Phantom Lapboard

THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED! THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING!! First off, special thanks again to everyone for participating in our ongoing contest! Wanted to announce the last few winners in case you missed the blogs: Anjani (GT 430), PAPutzback (BigScreenGlobal) & NUKraze (Vidabox CubeCase)! Next up, courtesy of the fine folks at Phantom Entertainment is their very cool Phantom Lapboard. Our […]

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