CALM Act passed, will quiet loud TV commercials within a year

This is awesome news…would have been more awesome about 10 years ago before I built my MCE DVR…but I guess I still watch *some* commercials during sports. Either way, it’s a long time coming.

Rep. Anna Eshoo’s (D-CA) bill will require commercials to be at the same decibel levels as programs during which they play. Once signed, the CALM Act will give the FCC a mandate to regulate and enforce volume limits on commercials, ensuring that their maximum loudness does not exceed the average maximum loudness of the program they’re accompanying. Advertisers will have one year to implement technology to keep the volume levels in check.


  • YES!


    • George L. Schmauch Jr.

      LowTech wrote:YES!Shhh… not




      Shhh… not so loud!  😉

  • She’s my representative and

    She’s my representative and this is the only thing I can point to that I agree with her on.  Nice work Anna!  For once…

  • Not sure what these

    Not sure what these commercials are but I guess it is a good thing.

  • WooHoo. I usually go nuts

    WooHoo. I usually go nuts trying to dig for the remote to turn it down or I ignore it and the wife yells at me for the TV being to loud. 

    My father in-laws TV volume goes up and down as he switches between analog and digital channels also. 

  • It’s about time. I know

    It’s about time. I know certain channels that were nearly unbearable to watch late at night.