5 Boxee Apps by @dN0t


The good thing about Boxee is the wonderful amount of content that is available. While it can be a bit overwhelming, it’s hard to argue with the abundance of selection. I hadn’t heard of most of these but I could see myself checking some out if I was completely bored–specifically Improv Anywhere or FailBlog sound humerous.   Boxee Blog Easily […]

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MSI AMD 785GM-E65 Motherboard Preview


This looks like definitely a worthy HTPC candidate for you AMD fans out there. Still would like to see it under actual testing, but specs and numbers look decent. Thanks to our twitter friend @vinylfreak for the linkage, and remember to follow us @missingremote if you haven’t already!   PC Perspective The backplate features the aforementioned 6 USB ports, as […]

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Sunfire TGR-401 Theater Grand Receiver


I know I’m not the foremost expert when it comes to stereos, but I find it a bit odd that for $4000 you don’t even get the HD codecs with this receiver. That being said, everything else on the unit is apparantly fantastic boasting 200 watts per channel.   Electronic House The TGR pumps out 200 watts per channel and […]

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Mythtv for Windows options


As most of you probably know, I’ve been using Mythtv for my HTPC software of choice for quite some time now.  It has been very stable for me to use and I’ve had it running in my house (barring system hardware destruction) for about 4 years now.  Since we found out that my daughter was on her way about two […]

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PPC presents Locking HDMI Cable

I really don’t understand how HDMI cables have existed this long without having any sort of locking mechanism, which is on the only reason I’m posting this press release. It’s just so easy for cables to come loose…but what do I know, since even the new display port also isn’t locking by design. Bring me back my good ol VGA […]

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Silverstone announces the new Grandia


At only 17 inches in depth but over 7 inches in height, this new offering from Silverstone will not exactly fit in tight spaces but it should fit on your existing shelves. The inclusion of hot swap bays is intriguing and a first on what I’ve seen offered for HTPC cases. Still, these days it’s a bit too big and […]

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Universal’s Fast & Furious Blu-ray iPhone app (It’s a start)


Remember when we posted this announcement from Universal regarding using your iPhone during movies? Well, the first title has finally been released for Fast & Furious…and no surprise, it’s rather useless as expected. Crunchgear maintains hope…I’m still fairly skeptical.   Crunchgear Well, it delivers on what Universal said it would do and nothing else. It’s a pretty weak feature/app, but […]

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