Sub-$300 Blu-ray Player Battle


The desire for sub-$300 blu-ray players has continued to increase given the popularity of the Playstation3 for just over that amount, and that lets you play games. Lucky for consumers, these prices have not only gone down but features have gone up as the manufacturers continue to embed more and more features (such as Netflix) into their boxes. Sound and […]

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Kiosk War: Redbox vs. E-Play

I guess every store just wants to have a kiosk in there for movie rentals. I think it’s good that Redbox is getting some competition. While they’ve been pretty impressive in their offerings, being a monopoly rarely ends up good for consumers. I did find it odd that Best Buy would allow these types of kiosks, given that I would […]

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August 4th Blu-ray Releases

This was a tough week for the pick of the week with a lot of classic comedies being released. My heart really wanted to go with Big Trouble in Little China, a classic Kurt Russel-meets-kung-fu comedy. Waterboy was a very close 3rd for what it’s worth, arguably one of Adam Sandler’s finest pieces of work. In the end…. MissingRemote’s Pick […]

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