Company Says Subscription Downloads Outperform Pay-Per-View

Another wonderful report here, this one from a single particular site versus an actual research report. But that being said, it does make sense which is why companies are always trying to get you to stick with the monthly charges–Netflix is still doing well, aren’t they? Home Media Mag Subscriptions for online video downloads generate 20 times the revenue and […]

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James over at SlySoft just posted an update to Reclock.  For those who don’t know Reclock is an alternate sound renderer (and one of my favoriate HTPC addins) that amoung many other features enables exclusive mode access to the audio device using WASAPI, which makes it the best way to get noise off your PC. – 03/08/2009 * […]

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SageTV’s HD200 now with Wireless


In what has got to be the most requested feature for the super popular HD200 Extender device from the folks at SageTV, they have announced that they have a new beta firmware which will include support for USB wireless adapters. The speed they’re getting is pretty impressive and should not have any problems keeping up with HD content.   SageTV […]

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HDTVs Now in Over 50% of American Homes

OK, I hate to argue with such a scientific study, but I find it hard to believe this to be true. I think the number has definitely gone up, but no way can I believe it to be 50%. What do you guys think?  I4U A new report from Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing shows that there has been […]

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TiVo Enables Custom Video Podcast Feeds

Good news for you TiVo owners, as it continues to get one step closer to the HTPC world. It’s funny how TiVo not only has to be competing with DVR’s for their TV features, but also all the extra add-ins they throw in. Should be fun as everyone continues to up the ante. Zatz Not Funny Today, TiVo will enable […]

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ZuneHD Caught In Action


My buddy @GarryWMA posted this link to a youtube clip of the ZuneHD in action, when connected up to a big screen. It’s unclear to me how exactly this is tied into the Xbox360, but they did show the ZuneHD tile on the Xbox blades in the video. Here’s the video, but I’ll also post some pictures in case the […]

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Five Ways to Fix Netflix, according to Time

Yes! You guys enjoyed the wise thoughts Richard Corliss the other day on why Netflix sucks that I couldn’t help myself from posting his follow up article on how to fix netflix. I personally love his suggestion to find a better post office…because that 2-3 day wait is unbearable. Enjoy! Time But since Netflix lets titles stay out indefinitely, it […]

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U.S. Patent Office Rejects Two TiVo Patent Claims

Interesting to see this given the recent announcement that TiVo’s will be used in RCN next year, but they are downplaying it so we’ll see if there are any actual repercussions to this.   Home Media Mag “These software claims are the same that EchoStar was found to have infringed in the contempt ruling now pending on appeal,” EchoStar said […]

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