TiVo Enables Custom Video Podcast Feeds

Good news for you TiVo owners, as it continues to get one step closer to the HTPC world. It’s funny how TiVo not only has to be competing with DVR’s for their TV features, but also all the extra add-ins they throw in. Should be fun as everyone continues to up the ante.

Zatz Not Funny

Today, TiVo will enable us Series3/HD owners to specify custom video podcast RSS feeds which aren’t found in their (growing) directory of web video. This is a welcome improvement over the TiVo Desktop 2.6 transcoding kludge. Although, it won’t reach its full potential until we can add and manage feed subscriptions from within a tivo.com web console. H.264 RSS enclosures are supported, although TiVo hasn’t specified anything further in regards bitrate, resolution, etc.