Kiosk War: Redbox vs. E-Play

I guess every store just wants to have a kiosk in there for movie rentals. I think it’s good that Redbox is getting some competition. While they’ve been pretty impressive in their offerings, being a monopoly rarely ends up good for consumers. I did find it odd that Best Buy would allow these types of kiosks, given that I would think it would deter people from buying a movie or game if they can just rent it.

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In his tale-of-the-tape research note, Wold comparison-tested separate e-Play and Redbox kiosks located in and around six Best Buy stores in Austin, Texas. Wold found that Redbox kiosks carried an average of 155 titles with an average dispense time of 19 seconds per transaction compared to an average of 100 titles and a dispense time of 40 seconds per transaction at e-Play kiosks. “We found that Redbox kiosks held an average of 55% more movie titles than an average e-Play kiosk, “ Wold wrote. “E-Play kiosks took an average of 21 seconds longer to disperse the DVDs once selection had been made and credit card swiped.”