Best Buy is giving you credit for old DVDs, Blu-Rays and games


I’m not sure how much this will actually pay you, and you may just be better off selling your movies and games via ebay or craigslist, but it’s hard to argue with the convenience of this. Just walk in, scan the disk and then get your gift card to spend at the overpriced Best Buy of your choice. I’d rather have cash personally 🙂


DVD Town

Transactions are handled through a blue kiosk located at the front of the stores. You use a bar code reader located on the kiosk to scan in each disc you wish to sell. (The kiosk will only accept discs with their original packaging) After they’ve all been scanned, the kiosk will ask you to insert your disc in a drive located on the front of the machine. The drive will the test your disc to make sure it’s free of defects and that it’s the same title as the bar code scanned. It will then make you an offer for all of your discs. If you accept the offer you will be asked to deposit your packaging in the kiosk and a receipt will be printed which you can bring to any cash register to receive a gift card for your store credit.