Windows 7 Upgrading RC to RTM success?

I’m sure there’s a LOT of you RC users out there (ahem….*cough*) who will be happy to hear this news from a user over at who points out that he was able to successfully complete an upgrade from RC to the RTM with no noticeable damage. I have to say though, if you can…PLEASE just save the hassle and do a clean install. But if you must…



Just finished a successful upgrade from Windows 7 RC to RTM. I know many cablecard users are hoping this path works, in order to preserve DRM. Only thing I did was the cversion.ini change (needed step for RC upgrade), and ran setup. Completed flawlessly. Total time for upgrade was about 30 minutes. All settings and DRM preserved. The machine was kept extremely clean beforehand. Only things installed on top of base RC1 were NetTime (time synchronization) and vmcNetflix.